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Hello visitors, Full Potential... is now temporarily closed. We plan to relaunch the site in full operation for our two-years-online anniversary. That date is Saturday March 17, 2018. Leave your email above to get updates until we open. You may still browse our product pages while we are closed. But, we cannot take any orders or post your product reviews until we relaunch. If you are returning to our site after ordering a product recently, please use the contact form on our site to reach the store owner’s inbox. She will intermediate your report with the affiliate printing company to resolve any matters until your product arrives to your full satisfaction. Or you may opt to contact the printing affiliate directly with the contact information on your receipt(s). The complaints or compliments you give them will be shared with us to provide optimal service. Again, sign up for the current store password to look around until we are open. Thank you for the visit. We hope you return after March 17, 2018 to place orders from our site.

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