Opening Soon

Hi. So good to know you are checking in on us. We really don't want to leave. We will SURVIVE. If you got the news blog or read our store news section, well then, you know that we plan to relaunch everything we have shown for order(s) by mid-September 2017. We will bring back all the products we've been displaying since last year and some newer things. The owner is working hard everyday to design a new website experience with a few more content, shopping tools and newer things. After you read this, you will see that we left a menu of the last items that were on sale for visitors before we temporarily closed in early August. Unfortunately, until we are operating again, you won't be able to complete an order for any design or product. Our shopping tabs are very limited and do not have the full security on the internet until the website is up and running 100%. The printing companies are aware and waiting on us, as much as you are, to get done with our work. And surely before the holidays and a special Cyber week sale. So if you see what you like after browsing and what is developing, leave us your email in our store's sign up form (located on the front page) and get news as things develop for our store. There will be one week before we re-open in September when we would have to completely shut off to fix our payment settings fully and re-register. We think those changes will convince you to return to order products from us. If you like reading, Vivian, this store owner, hosts a news blog on WordPress, telling readers about her reasons to sell designs on products online, what ventures she is pursuing with the company she keeps, sharing more information about print-on-demand shopping and will give readers and shoppers news about crowdfunding opportunities as they develop. Check out the blog You can sign up for the newsletter, too to get news as we sort out matters and reopen for more connection.